This startup: Pioneering diabetes care with innovation and impact

BeatO's story begins with two friends, Gautam Chopra and Yash Seghal, who share more than just a friendship; they both have diabetes. Their personal experiences managing this condition ignited a mission to simplify diabetes management for others.

In 2015, the duo launched Beato with a clear mission: to make diabetes management cost-effective and accessible to people all over the country. They wanted to help others facing the same challenges they had encountered. Since its inception, Beato has garnered the trust of over three million users.

This trust didn't come easy; it was earned through hard work and dedication. Beato's commitment to improving the lives of people with diabetes led them to conduct a groundbreaking study on the effectiveness of their comprehensive diabetes care program on over 700 people. This program has been subjected to clinical studies and its results were accepted by the top medical international Journal and published in Diabetes, a journal of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in June 2023.

The study revealed a remarkable reduction of 2.16% (p < 0.0001) in HbA1c levels, a measure of average blood glucose over three months. These results are unmatched globally, highlighting the effectiveness of Beato's program in managing diabetes.

Beato's impact goes beyond borders, earning global recognition when it was featured on BBC World News. They have played a pivotal role in expanding diabetes care to underserved Tier 3 and 4 cities in India, providing a lifeline to individuals living with diabetes. Their outreach extends to more than three million users, with the most significant growth seen in tier 4 towns, where many underserved populations reside. Additionally, Beato has empowered women across India to take control of their health, experiencing a 20-fold increase in female users.

In 2021, Beato received the National Startup Award in the Healthcare category from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, acknowledging their role in democratizing healthcare and ensuring it remains accessible and affordable.